gif Your question: What does the future hold?

5th Card: This card represents energy which may or may not manifest itself in the future, but it's free will energy, so its manifestation is up to you.
10th Card: This card represents the final outcome of the question. The previous 9 cards act as variables that influence the conditions that solidify the final outcome. Reflection on the previous 9 cards could help you understand how you came to this particular outcome.
9th Card: Whatever the 9th card represents, be it negative or positive, sometimes won't feel so positive. If you have to jump through hoops of fire, this is the card will show how high up those hoops are. You've got to get through whatever the 9th card represents to get to the 10th.
8th Card: This card shows how others feel about the matter you've asked about. These can be others directly involved, or they may be outsiders that could influence the Querent, for good or for bad.
7th Card: Here are your fears or your attitude regarding the question. Whether you recognize your fears or not, they'll show they're faces here in the 7th card.
4th Card: Here's your past experience regarding the question. This is the immediate background and it's passing away or has already gone. Especially when it's a negative card, we like to say, 'So long, sucker!'
1st Card: This card represents the conditions around the question or the Querent and does reflect the thoughts from the Querent.<font color=purple>Remember to click on each of your 10 cards for interpretations.</font>
2nd Card: This represents opposing forces to the 1st card, when the 2nd card is a good card, it's supporting the Querent's questions-always good news. However, when the 2nd card is difficult it explains what is the nature of the challenge.
6th Card: This card represents what's before you. Whatever the 6th card shows will always happen in the future regarding the question. This is an event that will come pass.
3rd Card: This card answers the question of why you asked the question in the first place. It represents the Querent's energy and shows the foundation of the matter and where the question came from.

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